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2.- Ortography, Vocabulary and Grammar

  1. I from France.
  2. This is my friend. name is Peter.
  3. Mike is .
  4. 20 desks in the classroom.
  5. Paul romantic films.
  6. Sorry, I can’t talk. I right now.
  7. She at school last week.
  8. I the film last night.
  9. The living room is than the bedroom.
  10. The car is very old. We’re going a new car soon.
  11. Jane is a vegetarian. She meat.
  12. There aren’t buses late in the evening.
  13. The car park is to the restaurant.
  14. Sue shopping every day.
  15. They in the park when it started to rain heavily.
  16. seen fireworks before?
  17. We’ve been friends many years.
  18. You pay for the tickets. They’re free.
  19. Jeff was ill last week and he go out.
  20. These are the photos I took on holiday.
  21. We’ll stay at home if it this afternoon.
  22. He doesn’t smoke now, but he a lot when he was young.
  23. I promise I you as soon as I’ve finished this cleaning.
  24. This town by lots of tourists during the summer.
  25. He said that his friends to speak to him after they lost the football match.
  26. How about to the cinema tonight?
  27. Hello, this is Simon. Could I to Jane, please?
  28. Come on! Quick! Let’s get !
  29. I phoned her I heard the news.
  30. I feel very . I’m going to go to bed!

3.- Listening comprehension

  • Audio 1. Listen to six people talking about how traffic problems are solved in big cities. Match cities (1-3) with sentences (A-C..

    1. You pay if you drive to the centre with two people in your car.

    2. There are many cycle paths.

    3. You can drive to the city centre at 8:00 p.m.

  • Audio 2. You are going to hear a report on Ellis Island. Listen to it and choose the most appropriate alternative A., B. or C. according to the text.

    1. Ellis Island was originally ...

    2. Officials at Ellis Island ... immigrants.

    3. A great percentage of the immigrants who arrived on Ellis Island were ...

    4. Felicita Gabaccia Salto ...

  • Audio 3. You’ll hear an interview with Polly Thoynbee and her opinion about casinos. For each statement, decide: “Is this being said?” Answer YES or NO after each statement. Now you have one minute to read through the statements.

    1. The casino was initially seen as a means to give new life to some areas......
    2. The success of casinos depends on marketing........
    3. The casinos that are going to be opened will supply lots of employment.....

4.- Reading comprehension

  • Question 1


    Welcome to Jane Austen Centre. The focus of this exhibition is Jane Austen’s five years living and socialising in Bath – the places she lived in and visited. We hope you enjoy your visit.
    The Jane Austen Centre in Bath at No. 40 Gay Street is a house very similar to No. 25, where Jane Austen lived for a few months following her father’s death. These Georgian town houses in Gay Street were built between 1735 and 1760.
    The houses are alike in design, although this house had a large extension added, during the 20th century, which covers the whole of the garden. It is in this space that the permanent exhibition is placed.
    Within the exhibition are displayed a number of hand-made reproduction period costumes, which have been created using authentic fabrics, in colours contemporary with the period. Refresh yourself during and after your visit at our Tea Rooms and enjoy a pot of real leaf tea, some home-made cakes or a delicious light snack.
    The Centre Giftshop is a treasure of Jane Austen–related gifts, some specially designed for, exclusive to, the Centre. There is a range of writing paper, pens, post cards and high-quality reproduction cards. We have a comprehensive stock of books about Jane Austen, her life, her family and times.

    1. Jane Austen lived...

    2. You can visit the exhibition ...

    3. The clothes you can see are ...

    4. Inside the Centre you ...

  • Question 2. Match each paragraph with the most suitable title. There are two titles you do not need to use.


    Text 1. Police in the USA are celebrating the hiphop fashion for wearing pants that are too big. They are reporting that it has become much easier to catch young male suspects because they tend to trip over their own trousers. A policeman from Connecticut even offers some friendly advice to hiphoppers, “When I catch them I tell them they’d do much better if they had pants that fit”.

    Text 2. Brian Capps returned home from a vacation to discover a bizarre robbery. Somebody had stolen his luxury walltowall carpeting but had left his 60inch TV and other appliances untouched. Where his carpet had been there was another carpet that he had not seen before. After reporting the robbery to the police, it turned out that there had been an error at a local flooring company.

    Text 3. Michael Reeves has been fined €300 by Swansea Council for putting a single sheet of paper in a recycling bag designated for glass and tins. It is not the first time that Mr Reeves has infringed the recycling rules. Back in April 2006 Michael put his rubbish out a day early because he was going on holiday. That earned him a warning from the municipal authorities. The last incident also means that now he has a criminal record.

    Text 4. The travel agent’s, Airtours, have been revealing some of the complaints that they have received from UK tourists recently. A customer complained, “I’m never flying to Jamaica with Airtours again. It took us nine hours to get there but it only took the Americans three hours”. Another British tourist warned, “I had a wonderful holiday in Kenya but I think I should tell you that the animals were not fenced in”.




  • Question 3. Fill in the gaps in the following text with one suitable word.


    The 82m (270ft) Ocean Breeze is equipped swimming pools, an operating theatre, a helipad and an escape tunnel leading to a submarine. Iraq has decided to sell the yacht after winning a legal battle with a Jordanian company over its ownership. The yacht is expected to sell for millions of dollars, but brokers have said the decor may not all tastes.

5.- Writing

  • Write a free composition between 160-180 words. You can choose between these topics if you want:
    - Describe a funny experience
    - Write an e-mail to your friend
    - A description of a place

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